Monday, June 30, 2014

Stone Ocean Part 1

Jeff here! Got another chapter today! Stone Ocean part 1! This took way longer then I thought because of the 26 page count. Should take less time when I work on part 2 though.
Imgur link

Volume 16 of stone ocean. At Cape Canaveral, Heavy Weather part 13, heavy Weather part 12

Jeff here! Just got volume 16 of stone ocean done! I will put links for imgur, batoto, and mega at the bottom.
Volume 16 download link:
Imgur link
Batoto(updates in a few hours)

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Vento Aureo - Volume 2 -Chapter 2! Buccellati's Coming! Part 5.

Hey guys! NearZero here, I'm back working on part 5, I've finished another Chapter for you guys! I hope everyone like it! I'm not as fast as Jeff, But I'm trying my best!


Download: (Only full volume)

Gravity of the new moon Part 1 and 2

Jeff here! Got two new chapters today! I will leave the links at the bottom as normal.

Batoto(Updates in a few hours)

Friday, June 27, 2014

C-moon Part 1 & 2

Jeff here! So today I got C-moon 1 and 2! Check it out! Links will be on the bottom.

imgur - link
Batoto: (updates in a few hours)

Dio the Invader

Jeff here! Happy JoJo firday! So I did the first chapter of phantom blood. I should have the next two chapters of stone ocean up today or later tomorrow. In any case here are the links.
Imgur link 
                                                             Batoto link (updates in a few hours)
                                                                      Dio the invader

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Stone ocean C-moon Part 3 & 4

Jeff here! Got some new chapters today. C-moon parts 3 & 4! Check it out!

Imgur links
C-moon Part 3 - Imgur
Batoto (updates in a few hours)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dio's World Volume 15 & 16

Jeff here again! Well got even more great news. Dio's World is done. I will provide the link on the bottom.

Mega link:

Jeff here again! Got more great news. You can now download all of the last volume of stone ocean! I will provied the link on the bottom. Have a nice day.

                                                                        Mega Link:
                                                     Stone Ocean Volume 17 - Mega Link

C-moon Part 6 and 5

Jeff here! So I finished up parts 6 and 5 of C-moon today! I will leave my normal links of my imgur link and batoto link.

Reading links:

Batoto updates in a few hours:

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dio's World 3 parts 15 and 18

So I went ahead and finished up the last two chapters missing in DIO's WORLD!
                                   I will give links to my imgur and batoto as well on the bottom.

Reading links:

Batoto link:
Has not updated yet! But here is a link to batoto page anyway.

Dio's world Part 13

Jeff here! Got another chapter up for Dio's world. Part 3. I will give a link on the bottom.

Reading links.

                                                                         Imgur link
                                                             Batoto link (updates in a few hours)
                                                                      Dio's world part 13

Monday, June 23, 2014

Stone ocean (Update)

Jeff here! I had to update quite a few of the chapters for the last volume of stone ocean as I made a bunch of typos and when I did those pages I was still new to editing pages. So there will be a link below to my imgur. As batoto has not updated just quite yet. I will also link the batoto page as well.

Reading links

Batoto link

Dio's world Chapters

Jeff here again. I have worked with river and fronk in order to finish dio's world. now I have only done parts 4, 7, 10, 12, and 16. River and Fronk did the rest.

Reading link - Dio's world part 4

Stone ocean volume 17

Hello! Jeff here! So I have all of the last volume of stone ocean up! Take a look.

Reading link - C-Moon Part 7

Vento Aureo - Complete in color, and black and white!

Vento Aureo is now complete in color, and in black and white!

You can download all of the volumes from Mega, or you can read them on Batoto. It was a process of many years, but we glad to have it done! In order to read on Batoto, please sign in to an account on the site. Some chapters are hidden if you are not signed in. It is completely free, so don't worry about that.

Read on Batoto 

Download in black and white

Download in color

We hope you enjoy reading!

Hello my dear readers, This is our first post just to let clear what are our objectives, Us from the JoJo's Colored Adventure Team started this project a month ago and now we want to step it up! This blog will have our updates and the Translated Color Releases for you guys to download, so enjoy!