Friday, July 25, 2014

Volume 4 and Debt collector parts 2 and 3

Jeff here! Got a new update for you guys! Volume 4 and two new chapters! BAM!


  1. That's 4 volumes down, awesome!

    As for errors, there's only one error in the release this time, on Debt Collector, Part 2, Page 3, it's "she might be an enemy".

    1. Something else that came up. Someone really dislikes our work. Mainly because we started first. But they don't like the fact we clone, don't set the title like on the art, or put in color text. Overall this person greatly dislikes us. But after he said. 'I was working on the manga in my free time but then I noticed these guys were putting their slapped together chapters up'. Is what really tipped me off to this guy just being a big baby we started before him. Oh and if you are reading this. Whoever you are. Reddit user guy. You could have helped us.

  2. Thanks. I am already doing volume 5. A good chunk in now.