Sunday, July 6, 2014

First volume of stone ocean and Stone free part 1

Jeff here! Got a big update! Volume 1 of stone ocean and stone free part 1! Snap!


  1. Hello !

    First things first, thank you VERY MUCH for yuor color releases :)

    And now, would you allow me, frankly, some constructive criticism ? My purpose is NOT to hurt you or to look down on your work. I wish to help, and the only help I can offer is by reporting what's wrong.

    And, well, the problem is that you need a proofreader. Badly. When there are too many typos or mistakes, the reader's "flow" is interrupted (cf. Coleridge's theory of the wililng suspension of disbelief, that's the idea) and the reading pleasure is, mostly, lost.

    In case this is a chapter-specific related problem, as I only read a chapter, this is the chapter that I have read :

    Given how WILDLY popular Jojo is, I don't think you would find difficulty in recruiting a proofreader who's natively speaking English :)

    Also, in your group's description on, there is a typo. Instead of " ", it is written " ", which, naturally, leads to a 404.

    Once again, I hope I didn't annoy you with those remarks, they're made to help :)
    Cheers, and thanks for the great stuff already :)

    (PS : you really, really should allow the Name/URL commenting option, all other options require us to have an account at some web platform, it's a pain in the ass for most people, and because of this you're definitely getting less comments than you could)

    1. Yo, Thx for your criticism, we really want to see what you guys think of our job, and yeah the thing with the part 2 chapter is that the guy who did it is still starting to learn, i'm deeply sorry for it, it will be fixed soon, he uploaded it before we could have a chance to proof read it. It won't happen again and our other chapters from the other parts have a better quality. Oh and thx for the advice about the comments, i really forgot about that, anyone can comment now even without an account.

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  3. The person who did that chapter is someone who just started. He made a lot of mistakes and we let him know already. He also went ahead and fixed up the pages too. Thank you for your feedback.