Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Entering The Gang - Part 3. (Official Colored Scans)

YEAH NearZero is Here! (Yeah i'm still alive!) More Part 5 for you Guys! Sorry that i'm not as fast as my Buddy MusicEdge, That man is ON FIRE, but hey! We are saving the best for the end, right guys? Here! Entering the Gang Part 3! Let's see how Giorno Feels when he is pushed against the wall for the very first time!

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  1. just a heads up for errors o:
    Page 6: It doesn't help that it's stronger than I am ("than" is misspelled to that)
    Page 10: in the first panel, Giorno's last bubble has a few errors.

    on Page 9: I know that the original scan says "I knew it had to do with the shadows" but shouldn't it be "I knew it had something to do with the shadows"?

    1. Thx a Lot man, I was a bit sleepy when i did this, made some mistakes, i'll fix it up, upload it again and it will be all fine! :D

    2. Oh but the line in Page 9 is actually just "I Knew It Had to do With the Shadows".
      funny, isn't it?