Monday, June 23, 2014

Vento Aureo - Volume 1

Finaly our first important Post! I've Started the VA translations a month Ago, and i have both Volume 1 and 2 finished, but i'll only display volume 1 for now. A word of Advice, for the first 4 volumes the translations are not mine but after it will be working with Daxing Dan and he will translate Fresh new Scans for you guys! So Enjoy all the colors and Hype that Vento Aureo Have, I expect this to be A Gold Experience!

Download Links:
MEGA - (VA Volume 1)

MediaFire - (VA Volume 1)

Reading Links:

Batoto - First Chapter - Gold Experience

JoJo's Colored Adventure Team Batoto Page


  1. So what's going on with Vento Aureo? I'm pretty new to the Jojo fandom, but I noticed that you guys have pretty much everything colored - I think it was the first half of Stardust Crusaders, and then 15/17 volumes of Vento Aureo also uncolored, but you have the next parts...?

  2. yeah why dont you just color volume by volume part by part ?

    1. You know the dont do the coloring, right? They translate it, and it takes a lot of time. Unless you want it all to look like shit.

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